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An oracle on healthspan

  • HealthSpan Dashboards

    The healthspan toolkit is the gateway to the Smart dashboards summaries key information to act upon.

  • How to join

    The network is not live yet. If you want to participate right now check out the DIY HealthScience LAB on how to join.

  • HealthSpan Practitioners

    Personalise your consultations with clients and benefits from being able to offer smart subscription to align the incentives.

  • Devices

    Add software libraries to make your sensor devices or mobile application compatible with the network.

  • Smart Subscriptions

    Peers pay a reguar payment to the network and this then allocated to those supporting the evidence.

  • DIY HealthScience LAB August 2017
  • HealthSpan Toolkit March 2020
  • Test Network June 2020
  • Smart Subscriptions 2021
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